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Case Studies

Case Study

Independent Locksmiths and Security Secures Darwin

DARWIN International Airport (DIA) is NT’s largest airport and the 10th busiest airport in Australia, serving in excess of 2 million passengers every year. Importantly from a security point of view, the airport shares runways with the Royal Australian Air Force’s RAAF Base Darwin. The airport terminal is utilised for both international and domestic flights, with separate cargo handling facilities. The site also supports a number of retail outlets and cafeterias. As with all airports, the airfield site covers a considerable area and many of the sites can be remote. Overcoming the challenges of distance was a key aspect of this access control installation.

Independent Locksmiths & Security was tasked to prove this concept would work. After bench testing the concept Independent sent a key authoriser and key to DIA that communicated with the company’s server in Sydney in real time. Once this part of the puzzle was confirmed, DIA accepted the concept and had the solar units built and erected, ready for fit off when the installation team arrived.

According to Independent’s Ryan McGovern, the nucleus of the Cyberlock system is the Enterprise server where traditional access control rights are determined such as Door Lists, People lists, Time Schedules, Access Matrix and Location Graphics. “The database is installed on an HP server using a Linux operating system,” McGovern explains. “The information from the database is transmitted to the key update authorisers using TCP/IP protocols. In the terminals this transmission is over Ethernet cabling but on the perimeter of the airport in remote locations where cabling could not be achieved, the 3G network has been used for the communication between the server and the key updating authorisers.”

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for all of your hard work, excellent communication and cooperation throughout the project. The system is operating smoothly with no issues at all (apart from some examples of user error!). It is especially great to see the solar stations working perfectly- an exciting concept and wonderful example of overcoming the issues associated with remote access.

It has been a pleasure and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both ILSS and the EKA products; looking forward to continuing working with you as we expand the system here at DIA and the future roll out at Alice Springs Airport.

Nikkie - Darwin International Airport