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At Independent locksmiths & Security we have a large warehouse so we can store a wide range of Door Hardware.

Locks are your first line of defense. It is important to have strong, quality locking products and have them serviced periodically. That is why we supply, install and service an extensive range of high-security locking systems for Commercial and Government clients as well as securing your home.

For more information on the products we supply, which range from Locksets to Deadlocks, Mortice Locks and Locking Bolts, click below and complete our enquiry form to request a quote.

Our Products


A deadbolt or deadlock cannot be moved to the open position without using a key to rotate the lock cylinder and retract the locking bolt. More secure than a latch, it comes as a single cylinder, double cylinder, exit only, or push-button.

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Mortice Locks

Mortice locks are modular and can have their functionality adapted to a specific application. They are extremely durable, and are easily configurable to comply with mandatory BCA Exit regulations. We install mortice locks for timber and aluminum doors.

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Lever Locksets incorporate a cylindrical chassis design and offer excellent security and durability for a range of commercial and residential applications. We work with Lockwood and Brava who offer a comprehensive range.

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Locking Bolts

Locking Bolts are surface mounted and bolster the security of a door by adding another locking point. They can be fitted to timber or aluminum doors, which can be sliding doors or swinging doors. Most can be keyed into a master key system.

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Door Closers

A mechanism that closes a door after someone opens it or after it was automatically opened. Choosing a door closer involves a variety of criteria such as safety in fire situations and opening forces for use by the disabled.

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Digital Locks

Digital locksets are designed to control access into commercial areas, especially when frequent combination changes are needed to maintain security. They provide a mechanical method of keyless entry.

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Panic Bars

A Panic Bar, Exit Device, or Crash Bar is used for unlocking a door during an emergency. The mechanism consists of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the inside of an outward opening door. Designed to allow people to leave a building quickly.

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