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Briton Panic Bar

Choosing a panic exit device can be tricky. Below are a few tips to help out.

There are three applications:

  1. Single Door
  2. Double Door – Rebated
  3. Double Door – Non-rebated

There are four options

  1. Outer Key Access
  2. Door Width (Standard 900mm or Wider 1200mm)
  3. Door Height (Standard 2300mm or Higher 3000mm)
  4. Dogging (hold Open)

Single Doors –  use a single horizontal bar

Double Doors – Rebated – use a single horizontal bar on the active leaf, and a vertical bar on the inactive leaf

Double Doors – NON Rebated – use a vertical bar on both active leafs

Outer Key Access is optional. Two versions are available.

  1. A flush keyhole that is permanently locked from the outside
  2. a lockable lever that can be left unlocked for pedestrian passage

Door Width
Standard Panic Bars suit doors up to 900mm wide. They are optionally available for doors up to 1200mm wide

Door Height
The Standard Door height Panic Bar suits doors up to 2300mm high. Optional extenders are available to suit doors up to 3000mm high

Dogging (Hold Open)
Dogging is available for Panic Bars where the doors need to be left in the open position to ease high levels of pedestrian traffic. Depending on the manufacturer, dogging can be either a generic key or a security key. It should be noted that by law, dogging is not permissible on Fire Doors.

For more information please see the panic bars listed on our website. We stock the Kaba and Briton panic bars. If you would like to arrange for one of our Technicians to visit and professionally install panic bars to your doors, please contact our service department or call 1300 500 600.

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