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BiLock Exclusive


BiLock Exclusive

The Australian Lock Company have launched the new BiLock Exclusive Master Key System.  This new system has additional 14th and 15th elements, which means the original BiLock 16.8 million combinations are further protected with two unique codes. Now the exclusive factory allocated codes mean unprecedented key control and ultimate security.

And BiLock Exclusive is protected by a 20 year patent life that protects against imitation or replication to 2034.

Applications range from every type of door lock to padlocks, rim locks, switchlocks, mortise cylinder locks, cabinet locks - almost all locks!

Your security system is readily expandable, and of course earlier BiLock sites are easily upgradable to BiLock Exclusive.

Apart from unprecedented protection, a major advantage of BiLock Exclusive is the user’s ability to change any lock core in an instant with the special re-engineered next generation Quick Core Change key (Patent 2013204530)

This vastly minimises the duration of any breach through lost keys or other incidents and offers top level security at enormously reduced servicing and maintenance costs.

Enhanced drill, penetration and bump protection.

The addition of a high tensile steel anti-drill barrier as standard protects BiLock Exclusive against drilling and other forms of penetration, making it compliant to AS4145.2

Endless keyhead colour options and compatibility with electronic access control systems.

22 keyhead colour choices can be used in 8,500 combinations to create secure key identity to your exact needs. Keyheads can also be MiFare chipped for intergration into access control systems.

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