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Access Control

secCloud Managed Security System

Access Control, Intruder Detection and Building Automation in the Cloud.

secCloud managed security system


Control your security across multiple sites.

Access Control systems allow you to control and monitor access through your facility. We combine the latest in security technology to deliver you a security solution that keeps intruders out and your staff safe. 

secCloud Managed Security System offers access control, intruder detection and building automation as its the core elements. This integrated security system is a hosted security solution that frees you from the hassle of managing software and servers. Built on enterprise grade hardware, secCloud is modular in design and infinitely scalable. 

secCloud Integration Possibilities

Lighting - We can integrate this system with C-Bus Lighting for extended building automation. So if you have staff who need to disarm an area, for example a front gate at 4am, they badge the front gate and carpark lights automatically come on. If they then badge the front door of a business the door opens, the alarm turns off and the lights turn on.

Intercom - We have integrated a boom gate for a client with their Dallas Delta intercom system into a VoIP telephone system. Now when a truck driver presses the intercom at the boom gate it rings through to the dispatch office who use their phone to open the boom gate.  If staff have to leave the dispatch office they forward the desk phone to their mobile and open the boom gate away from their desk. When cabling became complex, we used a point-to-point link from the boom gate back to the security local area network. Effectively this was running the system over an internet protocol link.

Online Bookings - We can integrate with online booking systems such as Sport Logic for tennis court hire and Zipporah and Duktag, used by local councils for hire of community centres and other council facilities.

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