Whether you are planning to upgrade an existing analogue CCTV system or install a new high definition system, installing cameras and recorders from the secWatch range will ensure sharp bright images on your desktop or smartphone.

Easy to use software allows you to create custom views so you can group similar cameras together on the one screen, replay footage of an incident and export it for review later or to give to the Police.

The image quality that is available from these cameras is remarkable. In recent years the technology and picture quality in high definition CCTV has advanced rapidly. As prices have come down and image quality has improved, value for money has never been better than now to deploy a high quality, reliable CCTV system for your business.

Through our consultative process we can work with you to assess your risks and implement a surveillance system that will decrease theft and increase safety in your facility.

Alarm Monitoring from the Security Operations Centre, which is manned by Virtual Guards 24/7 completes the CCTV solution. A virtual guard can replace or augment onsite security at a fraction of the price. They check on your site in real time and can issue an audio challege if they see trespassers.

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