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Australian designed, developed & manufactured.  Australian Lock Company proudly claims that Galaxy, their latest high security locking system, takes security to another level.

  • Galaxy special-built computerised key cutting, engraving & cylinder coding machine will only work with the compatible software module which is only authorised by the Australian Lock Company. As this software is stored externally it offers even further protection for the integrity of the keys, cylinders & system.
  • Inbuilt security features and tamper-proof design of both cylinder and key assure resistance to bumping, picking and impressioning while offering extreme resistance to malicious attack.
  • Independent Locksmiths & Security are an Authorised Galaxy Licensee so we can develop, build and maintain these restricted keying systems.
  • Galaxy’s additional locking pins and anti-pick teeth on carriages interfere with ‘code hunting’ while torque is applied.
  • Stringent quality control & authentication procedures by factory technicians ensure manufacturing consistency of cylinders & keys.
  • Cylinders & keys are Patent protected until February 2024 ensuring protection for our clients.

Secure and Simplified

The Galaxy Grand Master Key system’s wide-ranging combinations with tightly controlled security and colour differentiation offers the end user unprecedented protection.
Galaxy master key

  • Inbuilt hidden codes offer further protection by deftly camouflaging the Galaxy master key within the system.
  • With virtually 3 locks in 1, Galaxy supersedes the traditional and more vulnerable 1 barrel keying systems usually found in today’s marketplace.

Expansion Potential

Galaxy’s potential for expansion without having to change the existing system minimises further expense and disruption. Galaxy has 3 key orientations available for placement of codes Left, Centre & Right.

  • Key blanks twist the Codebar to the desired orientation.
  • Orientations are completely independent of each other.
  • 3 dedicated key blanks.
  • All 3 orientations can be programmed on the one Codebar at the same time.

System Coding Capabilities

With access to Australian Lock Company's computerised master key generated systems, we can build extremely complex and diverse Master Key systems for our clients.

Cylinders & Keys

The uniqueness of Galaxy revolves around its ability to remove the centre core to change the programming of the lock. Factory built cylinders do not require pinning and therefore offer more confidence for product installation and consistency.

Galaxy cylinders retrofit most new and existing applications. Cylinders have programmed holes on the code bar for coding (no removing cylinders from the door to recombinate cylinder).

Galaxy reduces the cost of replacing cylinders via a simple code bar change which offers reduced ‘down’ time, reduced labour time (no tumbler pins or discs means less moving parts) and provides less opportunity for human error.

Keys are made from stainless steel, impression-resistant and colour-coded 

  • Lifetime guarantee on key breakage
  • Cylinders and keys are quality tested
  • Internal components  use high quality Metal Injection
  • Moulded (MIM) manufacturing techniques
  • Sidebars and anti-drill components  are made from high speed steel
  • Cylinders come with either stainless steel or brass face cap
  • Distinctively designed Galaxy keys are available in 21 colours to enable colour coding and carry the authorised Galaxy licensee’s details for easy identification.
  • If a system is designed correctly and a master key is lost, only the master key and code bars need to be replaced, not the system’s entire range of keys.
  • Authorisation is required for additional keys. All keys are cut from code by Independent Locksmiths & Security and not duplicated, and the key code is difficult to read from the key itself.

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