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Lockwood Generation 6


Lockwood Generation Six
Restricted Keying System

Stylish, convenient and flexible.
A system that is secure and convenient with a wide range of applications, the Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system is an ideal solution to your basic key control needs, providing the perfect balance between security and convenience.  The key shape design is easily recognisable, featuring colour inserts for quick recognition of individual keys which can be combined in the colour coded key identification scheme of your choice.

Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying systems can also be designed to meet your individual master keying requirements. With a large number of key changes available, great keying system design flexibility is achievable.

Why restricted keying?

Restricted keying provides legal protection against unauthorised duplication of keys. With a legally protected restricted keying system you have the security of knowing that additional keys to your premises can not be produced without authorisation.

Lockwood’s history of supplying legally protected restricted keying systems to end users dates back over forty years. Lockwood’s restricted keying systems have enabled many organisations and government customers to secure their premises against the unauthorised duplication of keys.

Security and legal key control

The Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying system offers a medium level of security. Restricted keying is achieved using Lockwood’s Australian made and precision manufactured range of commercial grade cylinder lock components combined with legally protected, Design Registered, barrel and key profiles.

Cylinder Range

A range of cylinders to suit new and retro-fit installations. Cylinders are available to suit all Lockwood commercial locksets and the most existing commercial grade hardware installations.

Distribution and Service

All Lockwood Generation Six restricted keying systems are registered and signature control is mandatory. 

Typical Applications

This is an ideal solution to your basic key control needs. The Design Registered key and barrel profiles, combined with Lockwood Generation Six Service Centres, provide the ideal balance between security and convenience in a competitively priced product. Suitable for:- Office complexes, Retail shops, Factories, Warehouses, Hospitality industry, Sporting clubs, Small businesses, Apartment buildings.

Keying System Development

The key has been designed with an easily recognisable key shape and colour inserts in the key head to enable quick recognition of individual keys. The colour chip inserts are particularly useful in master key systems. The key head inserts are available in twelve colour options: - White, Grey, Black, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Violet and Pink.

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