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Master Key Systems by the Australian Lock Company - BiLock and Galaxy

The Australian Lock Company are leaders in security innovation in Australia. Focused on high security applications, they recognise the need for a lock system that provides resistance to picking, impressioning and key duplication. As a result BiLock and Galaxy have been created.

BiLock New Generation has a new futuristic key head specifically designed to incorporate extensive colour coded master keying capabilities ensuring optimal security.  One, two or three different colours can be mixed & matched from the 20 colours available in any key head. This means a maximum of 8,000 colour combinations are available.  This new key head allows instant identification of keys by system mangers & building supervisors & with ease visibly defines levels within a master key system.

Galaxy is the most recent addition to the range of high security master key systems. Using the very latest engineering & manufacturing techniques & using the highest quality materials, Galaxy provides a revolutionary approach to high security locking systems. With subtle technical improvements & considered design, Galaxy offers a host of previously unseen attributes to benefit the end-user & locksmith alike.

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BiLock maximum security locking system - Australian owned, designed and manufactured, key and keying system


Galaxy is a high security locking system. Australian designed, developed & manufactured by Australian Lock Company.

Series Six

Australian Lock Company's alternative six pin in-line series - a quality six pin lock barrel, easily fitted into existing key systems.

BiLock Exclusive

BiLock Exclusive sees an upgrade to the BiLock master key system. Now further protected with two unique codes. And Users have the ability to change any lock core instantly.


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