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Lockwood Twin


Lockwood Twin

High Security Restricted Keying System. Effective security of your premises depends largely on control of access to keys. This system achieves a very high level of key control while also providing increased physical security over basic restricted keying systems.

Legally Protected Keying System - Lockwood Twin™ is afforded two independent forms of legal protection, to best ensure protection against unlawful manufacture and distribution of key blanks and cut keys.

Patents - Strong international patents protect the cylinder lock and key combination, and keyblank of Lockwood Twin. Patent protection ensures exclusivity by legally barring the sale of unauthorised manufactured or imported cylinders, keys or keyblanks. Lockwood Twin is fully patent protected.

Design Registration - The keyblank is protected from unauthorised duplication by registered design of the key profiles.

Pick Resistant Design - Through accurately maintained manufacturing tolerances, high tension pin tumbler springs, spool type top pins and the addition of a second locking mechanism, Lockwood Twin provides a high level of resistance to picking and impressioning attacks.

Drill Protection - Every Lockwood twin cylinder includes hardened inserts to protect strategic areas of the cylinder from drill attacks.

Security Ratings

The Lockwood Twin keying system achieves the following ratings, according to AS4145.2-1993:

  • Keying Security for Cylinders - K6
  • Physical Security for Cylinders - K5K6
  • Physical Security when attached to Lockwood 3572 Series Mortice
  • Lock with standard attack protection - S2
  • Physical Security when attached to Lockwood 3572 Series Morticelock with high attack (drill protection) protection - S3.
  • Durability for Cylinders - D3

Cylinder Security - Dual Pinning Mechanism

Every Lockwood Twin cylinder includes a dual pinning mechanism, combining a six pin in-line mechanism with a secondary locking side bar, acting on an additional row of pins. The precision machined cylinder mechanism permits vastly increased master keying over traditional systems.

Master Keying - A Lockwood Twin™ master key is designed for your unique keying system. It operates every lock that has been built to your unique specification. With the revolutionary Lockwood Twin mechanism, large and complex keying systems are easily catered for.

Key Control - Every Lockwood Twin keyblank and cut key is protected by strong international patents. Distribution of these keys is strictly controlled by ASSA ABLOY, under legal agreement, via the select Lockwood Twin Dealer Network of approved locksmiths.

Cylinder Range - Cylinders are available for Lockwood Twin to suit both new and retro-fit installations. Cylinders are available to suit all Lockwood commercial locksets and the majority of all other commercial grade hardware installations.

Typical Applications - All high security applications and where extensive master keying is required

  • Educational institutions
  • Corporate offices
  • Retail complexes
  • Legal offices
  • Warehousing
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities
  • Government departments
  • Multiple franchise outlets
  • Transportation industry
  • All security critical applications

Lockwood Twin™

  • Patent protected
  • Dual pinning mechanism
  • Pick-resistant design
  • Drill protection
  • Powerful high security deterrent to unauthorised entry
  • Design Registration of all key profiles
  • Master Keying for security and convenience
  • Retrofits into most existing locks 

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