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Key Garage

Abus Key Box Safes - Secure storage of Keys and Code Cards

The ABUS Key Garage range offers a neat way to securely store keys and other small items. The boxes come in a range of sizes and all are suitable for wall mounting both indoors and in protected outdoor areas.

The large internal space means secure shared access to your house keys, car keys and more. If keys need to be accessible to several people, the KeyGarage offers a simple and secure solution for easy exchange. All that is required is notification of a number code to those with authorisation. If the group changes, the code can be changed quickly and easily – 10,000 different codes are available for this purpose. The KeyGarage™ is therefore ideal for vehicle rental companies, for example, owners of holiday homes or for use in the field of mobile healthcare.


The solid metal housing and strong locking cover made from pressure-cast zinc secure against unauthorised access as required. A plastic cover also protects the number mechanism against the effects of the weather.

We have different models available.


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Abus Key Garage KG797C

* The 797 model has a U-bolt, so that the KeyGarage™ can be attached like a padlock to door handles or railings. The bolt is designed so that it does not protrude into the protected space....

Abus Key Garage KG787C

* Capacity: Up to 6 Cards, Up to 15 Keys.
* The 787 Model is for mounting on the wall inside and in protected outside areas. A four-digit number code secures the box.

Abus KeyGarage KG767C

* The 767 model has the same design as the 787 and 797, but the code can be entered (up to ten digits) by push buttons.
* Wall mounting indoors or outdoors in protected areas

Abus Key Garage KG747LC

* Abus Key Safe - a neat way to store keys & other small items.
* Securely holds house keys, car keys, and more.


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