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Kaba Panic Exit Devices - Rim Exit Device


Kaba Panic Exit Bar (Panic Exit Device) ED22 Series - Rim Exit Device

Panic exit devices have been designed to provide single action, push type emergency egress from builduings such as entertainment centres and commercial complexes. Fire rated models across all panic exit device categories and our exit devices are suitable for use on doors constructed of either timber or metal.

The Kaba ED22 Series Rim type panic exit device is designed to provide emergency egress by a single action pushing motion via a modern design touch pad, fitted horizontally across the door. The ED22 provides secure deadlatching function and offers a latch hold back (dogging) options, external trim options for lever/knob or pull handle and is suitable for double or single, metal or timber doors.

  • Non handed, field reversible rim exit device
  • Field sizeable
  • Modern touch pad style for metal and timber doors.
  • Latchbolt is deadlatching

Supplied in 1085mm standard length. Can be field sized to 645mm minimum length (including strike). Cylinder dogging (CD) adds 40mm to minimum length.

105mm minimum stile plus rebate or bead stop. A mid rail is required for glazed aluminium/timber doors over 1050mm between door stops or when using external trims.

Timber self-tapping screws and metal machines screws supplied as standard.

Pressed and cast metal casing. Operating parts made of steel and brass. Main and auxiliary latch bolt constructed of stainless steel.

Non handed

Silver (painted) and Satin Stainless Steel (SSS)

Hex (Allen) key type supplied as standard. Optional cylinder dogging available – when specifying/ordering use suffix “CD” (Factory fitted).
Note: Fire doors cannot include dogging due to fire regulations.

Fire Rating
The Kaba ED22 has been successfully tested on fire door assemblies in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1905 Part 1: Fire resistant door sets. When specifying/ordering add suffix “F” to code, eg. ED22EOFSIL.
Note: Fire doors cannot include dogging due to fire regulations.



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