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Panic Bar Exit Devices

Panic Bar, Exit Device (Crash Bar) is a device for unlocking a door during emergency conditions. The mechanism consists of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally to the inside of an outward opening door. When the lever is either pushed or depressed, it activates a mechanism which unlatches the door allowing occupants to leave the building quickly.

Panic bars are typically found on doors which are required emergency exits serving a particular type or quantity of occupants. Common locations include:

- doors which provide egress from assembly areas

- doors which serve many occupants

- or doors serving hazardous areas

- for buildings subjected to international building code or a locally adopted variation

- they are required for healthcare, education, or assembly spaces generally related to the number of occupants exiting through a given door.

A door intended only for exit doesn't need a handle on the outside, and for security a handle on the outside is often omitted. However a door handle can be mounted on the outside to create a two way door. This allows the bar to be locked in a neutral (latch open) position, allowing the door to be freely opened from either side.

For more information on choosing the right Panic Bar, read our blogPanic Bars should be installed by a professional and licenced Locksmith. Please call us on 1300 500 600 to arrange an installation.

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Kaba Panic Exit Devices - Rim Exit Device

* ED22 Series - Rim Exit Device.
* Kaba Panic Exit Devices providing single action push type emergency egress from public and industrial buildings.

Briton Panic Bar 376E Single Panic Bolt

* Pushpad operated vertical bolt with Pullman latches and metal strike & fixings.
* Anti thrust device, prevents unauthorised latch retraction.


Kaba Panic Exit Device - Vertical Rod Exit Device

* ED2227 Sereies - Vertical Rod Exit Device.
* Kaba Panic Exit Devices providing single action puush type emergency egress from public and industrial buildings.

Briton 377SE Push Bar - Rim Latch/Vertical Panic Bolt

* Top and bottom latching and reversible to suit double door applications.
* Allows for both doors to be locked closed and permits emergency exit from either door.

Von Duprin - 2227 Vertical Exit Device Only

* Exit devices are a critical part of the Fire and Life Safety egress system.
* Touch bar exit devices are mounted on the egress side of the door.


Von Duprin - VD99EO-F Exit Device

* Heavy duty range of push pad exit devices for single and double doors.
* Designed to be used on metal or timber swinging commercial doors.


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