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Locking Bolts

ADI Locking Bolts

Locking Bolts are surface mounted and bolster the security on a door by adding another locking point. They can be fitted to timber or aluminium doors. These doors can sliding doors or swinging doors. 

There are Locking bolts for residential and commercial use. Most Locking bolts can be keyed into a Master Keyed system.

Independent Locksmiths & Security supply and install locking bolts for all applications. 

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ADI Security Locking Bolt SC - 5004SC

* The ADI 5004 heavy duty locking bolt is the industry standard.
* Suitable for securing shop fronts, warehouses, hotels, community recreation areas,storage facilities and garages.


ADI Single Blok Lok SC (Satin Chrome) - ADI444SC

* ADI Single Bloklok ADI444SC.
* Suitable for securing shopfronts, warehouses, hotels, community recreation areas, storage facilities and garages.


Double Bloklok SC (Satin Chrome) - 444DD

* ADI Double Bloklok.
* Suitable for securing double door shop fronts.



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