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Ryobi 2100 Series Door Closer


Ryobi D2100SC Door Closer

The Ryobi 2100 Series Door Closers are one of the highest quality door closer that Ryobi produce. It combines stylish square looks with basic operational features. It also has an adjustable size feature allowing you to use this one loser to cover 3 different door weight sizes.

Features of the 2100 Door Closer:

  • Fire rated
  • Adjustable from a size 2 door closer up to a size 4 door closer. This means the weight range can be altered by using the built in adjustments and service doors between 50 kg and up to 85kg.
  • Suitable for both timber and aluminium doors 
  • Non handed and reversible for all situations
  • Supplied with a standard opening arm and a parallel arm bracket in the one box to cater for any type of door fixing
  • Can be ordered with a slide arm action for doors where a normal type of operating arm cannot be used.
  • Supplied with adjustable closing and latching speeds
  • Supplied with an adjustable backcheck feature
  • Available in finishes of silver and bronze


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