Virtual Guards

SecWatch Virtual Guards Stop Crime In Its Tracks

You can choose to have CCTV footage monitored by secVision Networks in the Security Operations Centre. Virtual Guards monitor CCTV footage using high definition cameras to see what is happening onsite. If there are unauthorised people on site the Guards can issue an audio challenge. Intruders are warned that they are trespassing and if they do not leave the authorities will be notified.

How Does It Work?

We set up Camera Trap Technology that pairs movement detectors with high resolution CCTV cameras. When a detector goes into alarm, a camera associated with the detector can be viewed to see if the intrusion is genuine. When an operator in our Security Operations Centre sees an intruder on site, they can issue an audio challenge to the intruder using onsite speakers. With video verification of the event the relevant authorities such as police, fire brigade or ambulance can be notified.


  • No more false alarms as any alarm activation’s are visually verified to ensure they are genuine.
  • Virtual Guard is looking through the cameras within seconds of receiving the alarm
  • Stop crime before it happens – Intruders detected before they break-in to the property
  • Live audio intervention – the intruder can be challenged using on site speakers to warn them that the authorities will be notified
  • The Virtual Guard can deal with the authorities until the incident has been resolved
  • All incidents are documented and the relevant footage and images are stored as evidence for investigation
  • Regular system health checks ensure the system is operational
  • Save money by reducing on-site static guards

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