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View our extensive range of CMI and Platinum Safes to find the best Safe to suit your needs. We also have Clearance Safes and Floor Stock in our Parramatta Workshop.

- Commercial Safes for your business needs - secure documents with fire protection safes

- Safes for your home - the best way to secure valuable personal items such as jewellery, mobile devices (laptops & ipads), and documents (Wills & Passports).

Platinum Safes

- Drug Safes specifically designed to store prescription drugs securely. These safes comply with Australian Health Department specifications.

CMI Safes

- Deposit Safes are ideal for the retail environment, with under counter safes or safes with a drop deposit chute to secure cash quickly during trading.

- CMI Rifle safes are all approved by the Australian Police Force.

Locking device optionsChoose from digital, key lock or a combination locking device. Each safe is also available in a range of sizes so you can find the right size Safe to suit your space. 

Safe combination lock device  Digital Locking Device Safe with Lock Key Device 

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