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Alarm Monitoring Service Sydney

We offer the highest level of alarm monitoring, known as Grade 1 Alarm Monitoring.

The Control Room, where the alarm signal is received, has the latest in monitoring technology to ensure the alarms are detected quickly and the outbound phone calls are made immediately. You will be called by trained and licensed staff that can carry out your instructions. So when you are away from your property you can rest assured that it is being monitored for you.

The alarm monitoring service that we have offered throughout Sydney was delivered using a variety of technologies including telephone lines, GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), Internet Protocol (IP) and Multipath. This has now changed, as we need our clients to all be working on systems compliant to the nbn. 

nbn network compliant alarmsIs your alarm monitoring service nbn network compliant?

Services provided over the nbn™ network will replace phone and Internet services provided over most of the existing landline networks. The major reason for the change is that the current network was not designed for the future digital needs of Australian businesses and individuals.

When the nbn™ network is rolled out in a particular area, most businesses will need to move to a plan for services.

As well as your landline phone and Internet, some other equipment that operates using a landline connection, such as your alarm system might also need to be switched to the nbn™ network.*

We suggest you get in contact with us so we can check if your alarm system is nbn™ network compatible and advise if you need to move your system to the nbn™ network. Please fill in your details below and we'll get back to you. You can also click the nbn logo to go through and check if your area is nbn ready.

NBN Ready Alarm Monitoring Plans

Get high security for your premises. We offer you the Permaconn 4G Communicator, supplied and installed. This requires no phone line as it operates via signal check to the Control Room, on either a single SIM with the Telstra network, or dual SIM with Telstra and Optus networks. Depending on your security requirements for your business, you can choose to have your communicator do a signal check every 12 hours, every hour, or every 90 seconds (for businesses that need constant monitoring).

nbn compliant and available now on a three year contract. Permaconn also offers the "Pocket Secure" app, which gives you the power to manage your alarm from your phone. We offer an installation and maintenance service to our customers across Sydney. Our alarm system packages are ideal for retail stores, warehouse security, and commercial business operations.


4G Alarm Monitoring


Connected Plan

Commercial Grade Plan

High Security Plan

One time connection fee * $120+gst $120+gst $120+gst
Control room signal check Every 12 hours Every Hour Every 120 seconds
4G Network & SIM Telstra Optus & Telstra Optus & Telstra
No phone line required
No additional phone charges
Pocket Secure App
Monitoring contract length 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Monthly rate  $50+gst $70+gst $90+gst

 * Rates apply to clients located in the Sydney Metro Area. 

Pocket SecurePocket Secure app for iphone

A smartphone app for both Apple and Android devices. This enables the end-user to remotely arm and disarm their alarm system, control doors, lights and gates. The app will display the current status of the alarm system, visually notifying the user if their alarm system is on or off. Pocket Secure can control multiple sites + partitions and each site can have multiple users. Pocket Secure is available on iTunes, Google Play and Windows stores. Pocket Secure app for android