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Davcor Group

The Davcor Group is a design, manufacturer and wholesale distribution company specialising in locks, associated hardware and access control systems. The company consists of seven divisions including Lock and Key Co, EVVA, and EKA CyberLock.

EVVA is an innovative manufacturer of mechanical and electronic access control systems, known for its patented 3KS and 4KS masterkey security systems providing up to 133 billion possible lock combinations. We are a local partner of EVVA Australia. We are authorised to install and service EVVA mechanical and electronic access control systems, having met EVVA's strict dealership appointment criteria. 

- 4KS Maximum Security Master key system - SCEC Approved

- EPS Restricted Master Key System

EKA CyberLock 

EKA CyberLock electro-mechanical masterkey system converts existing mechanical locks into an access control system.

Read the WestConnex | Transurban case study.

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For organisations that require maximum intrusion resistance and flexibility in a master key system. SCEC Approved includes SL3 Rated Products.


A trusted system for high security - EPS is a restricted master key system. Suitable for installations ranging from a single door to the large and complex master key systems

EKA CyberLock

EKA CyberLock converts mechanical locks into an access control system, with no wiring needed.


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