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Keyport and Accessories

Keyport Slide is the key chain alternative.


Giving you a new, lightweight and compact way to carry keys in a streamlined device that holds up to 6 key blades and/or inserts.

Buy the basic Keyport then:

  • add keyport blades which will replace your current house and car keys
  • choose your inserts such as an LED Light, 8MG or 32MG USB, 2 Barcode Holder, and more
  • customise with coloured side plates and a choice of nodes that include a Swarovski Crystal option, or add your company logo and make the Keyport a Corporate Gift
  • register your new Keyport with the "Lost & Found Program", which reunites found devices with their owners.

Build your Keyport here, buy online, download and print your Photo ID Form here. We ship Australia-wide. Or come in to our Parramatta Workshop where we can cut your keys and assemble the Keyport for you on the spot.


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Keyport Slide 2.0 - White

* Keyport - The keychain reinvented.
* A modern key organiser alternative.


Inserts - USB 8Gb

* USB Inserts are available in 8Gb or 32Gb.
* Other inserts include Barcode Holder, Mini-Light and Bottle Opener.
Make your choice here.


KeyPort Side Plates - Coloured

* Keyport has a range of coloured side plates. Add your own style to your KeyPort.


Nodes - Black & White

* Keyport Customized Nodes - choose from Black & White Nodes, Nickel Plated Nodes and Swarovski Crystal Nodes.


Accessories - Mini Retractable Key Reel

* Keyport accessories include the Clever Clip, Mini Retractable reel, Sheath and S-Biner.



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