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VOIP Intercom System



The Sentry Doorstation ranges from one to six buttons and can be expanded up to sixteen buttons on a custom panel. The standard panel (130mm X 270mm) is made from  304 stainless steel. The metal buttons and keypad (4×3) are made to be vandal resistant.

Panels are available in either vertical or horizontal, and can be anodised aluminium or stainless steel. If you require the panel to be made of different material (ie. Brass, gold-plated, etc), this too is available upon request.

With programmable auto dial buttons, the Sentry doorstations are a user friendly solution for controlled entry.  In the event of noisy environments a push-to-talk feature can be implemented in order to overcome the background noise level while on a call. (Available on all models).

This is a VoIP Solution that can be supplied and installed by Independent Locksmiths & Security technicians. We now offer an alarm monitoring service 

Building Managers and Strata Managers

Are you managing a secure building where visitors need to get access for appointments? Or are you a Logistics Manager who has contractors needing access to your site to drop off and collect goods out of hours?

At Independent Locksmiths & Security we have an Electronic Security division managing these situations for clients. We have installed VOIP Intercom Systems that are being answered in our Security Operations Centre where our Virtual Guards can identify visitors and grant them access. This managed service is saving our clients on the cost of an onsite concierge or security guard.

If your building has an existing network that is connected to the internet then this Sentry VOIP intercom unit can be installed. If your mobile device can get 3G / 4G signal at the location you would like the intercom to be installed then a modem can be installed with a SIM card to enable the VOIP intercom to work.

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