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Fire Brigade 003 Locks

003 Padlock and Cylinder - Fire Department Locks

At Independent Locksmiths and Security we stock the cylinders and padlocks that work off the Metropolitan Fire Brigade 003 key.

These locks are required by law to be used anywhere that the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) requires access to fire extinguishers, fire hose reel cabinets and other fire fighting equipment. If cabinets are required to be locked to prevent unauthorised access then the Fire Brigade recommends that a 003 padlock is used. NSW Fire Brigade crews carry 003 keys and will be able to operate the padlock if necessary.

These products comply with Australian Fire Brigade regulations and are used by all fire and rescue emergency services. 

These instantly recognised Abus 003 padlock or Lockwood 003 padlocks can be ordered online by completing our Online Enquiry Form.  Click the product below or call 1300 500 600 today and speak to our Service Department.

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Abus 003 Fire Padlock Red

* The Abus 003 padlock is Red so it is recognised by the Fire Brigade and is keyed to fit the Fire Brigade 003 key

Lockwood 003 Red Padlock with Fire Key

* This Red Padlock is keyed to work off the 003 Fire Brigade Key

Lockwood 003 201 Cylinder Fire Brigade

* Lockwood 201 cyl keyed to work off Fire Brigade 003 key
* No Keys Included.

Lockwood 003 570 Oval Cylinder

* Lockwood 003 570 cyl keyed to work off Fire Brigade key


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