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Data Networks

Modern security technologies take advantage of running over the Internet Protocol (IP) networks that surround us. By leveraging this technology, distance is no longer a design constraint for robust security systems.

With in house IT professionals we build, monitor and maintain IP networks for the security systems we implement for our customers.

Flexible in our approach to the network design, we work with the IT department to implement a system that complements their network rules.

Where required we will build an independent security Local Area Network (LAN) including the deployment of servers and client machines to run the software. In other instances we will use the existing data cabling and provide our own switch equipment to keep costs down. In situations where the client wants the equipment to run on their network then we work with the team on IP addressing and port allocation.

We design and implement networks that use a wide range of technologies such as Ethernet cabling, fibre, RS485, Point to point links and telephony network connections like ADSL and 3/4G.

Data Networks


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