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Mobotix Q24 360 degrees Camera


The MOBOTIX Q24 Discrete Room Overview With One Single Camera Without Any Blind Spots

The primary components of the hemispheric camera include a fisheye lens, a high-resolution image sensor and image correction software that is integrated into the camera. Using an ultra-wide angle fisheye lens, the camera captures a 180° hemispheric image of the room and projects it onto a high-resolution image sensor. When ceiling mounted, the image area of the hemispheric camera covers the entire room. The image in the hemisphere is convex, particularly near the image borders. These image sections are corrected for the viewer by the integrated distortion correction software, allowing a view of the scene from the usual perspective. The virtual PTZ feature allows you to enlarge or move image sections within the hemisphere, just like a PTZ camera yet, with MOBOTIX, this is achieved with no moving parts.


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