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Mobotix MxControlCenter


The MxControlCenter video management sof tware can connect any number of cameras at any locations into a straightforward and powerful video security system with centralized or local, user-based operation and evaluation.

MxControlCenter is included FREE when purchasing Mobotix IP Cameras

The HiRes Video Company

Professional Video Management

The advanced program, specifically tailored to the high-resolution MOBOTIX network cameras, offers a user-friendly interface and camera display, convenient video search, practical alarm handling, automatic camera integration, video storage on file servers and a useful configuration and update assistant.

The MxControlCenter (MxCC) is the video management software developed by MOBOTIX with all the functions necessary for a professional security control center. Above all, MxCC maximizes its fullest potential when combined with the decentralized, high resolution Mobotix cameras – a complete security system from one source and at an unbeatably low total cost.

Proven Many Times Over Worldwide

MxCC has been used in projects of all sizes for years – even with 1000 cameras and more (e.g. Donbass Arena, University of Singapore).

No storage Limit, unlimited Number of users

MxCC runs without third-party software, needs no licenses, supports any number of users, cameras and recording devices; and is completely cost-neutral at the same time.

Individual user Interface

All functions can be managed centralized in the system by the administrator, a group or an individual user.

Simple Installation and Configuration

MxCC runs on any standard PC, finds cameras and storage in the network automatically and configures all cameras at the push of a button.

Layout Editor For Real Building Plans

All MxCC functions were developed from real practical requirements in the most varied projects possible.

Integration of Varied Camera Types

In addition to MOBOTIX network cameras and door stations, analog and motor- controlled cameras can be integrated in MxCC.

Proven many times over worldwide in the most demanding video applications

  • Unlimited number of users and cameras, no license fees
  • Individual user interface, adaptable to each individual user
  • Simplest installation and complete use on any standard PC
  • Convenient layout editor for integrating real building plans
  • Integration of conventional network and analog cameras as well
  • Export recordings to AVI and Quicktime as H.264 video with sound


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