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Mobotix D24

  • Attractively designed FixDome camera featuring exchangeable lenses from Tele to Wide Angle
  • Numerous installation options both indoor and outdoor
  • On-wall set with space for extension modules (battery, UMTS, WLAN, etc.)
  • Integrated DVR with HiRes video recording (4 GB MicroSD card incl.)
  • Robust, low-maintenance and weatherproof from -30 to +60 °C (-22 to +140 °F), (IP65)
  • Digital continuous zoom, pan and tilt
  • Can be upgraded to an intercom system with the MOBOTIX ExtIO module

HiRes Video Innovations

The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its decentral- ized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost efficient.

Mobotix D24


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