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Ford Falcon FG & BF Utility, Sedan and Wagon

Replacement Ford Car Flip Key For Falcon FG [Integrated Remote], Falcon BF(Utility and Sedan) [IR], Falcon BF [IR]

NEW flip open ford car key with remote, replace your current flimsy car key. This revolutionary product is made of a hard plastic with metal sides and is harder wearing than conventional keys and remotes, it can even replace a separate remote and car key.

For Ford Falcon FG [Integrated Remote] 2008 - 2014, FG X 2014 - 2015, Falcon BF(Utility and Sedan) [IR] 2005 - 2008, Falcon BF (Wagon) [IR] 2005 - 2010

Repalcement Flip Car Key - Independent Locksmiths

If your Ford Car key looks similar to the one above and you need a new key or just want a harder wearing key act now. The key you will get will look like the one to the right. These keys can be cut and programmed while you wait. The remote will need to be programmed in your car, just follow the programming instructions below, or for just $33 more our Automotive Experts can program your remote too.

Manual/Remote Programming Proceedures/Ford Mondeo Programming Pg 1A.pdf


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