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An integrated security solution for your most challenging environmenttecom access control

The Tecom portfolio combines intrusion and access control solutions, designed to adapt to the everchanging landscape of your business needs.

A Tecom solution allows you to manage access to your building or premises via card swipe technology, as well as an intelligent alarm system, securing your building and allowing remote monitoring.

Integration capabilities

A Tecom solution offers seamless integration to a range of Interlogix video products as well as high-level integration to an impressive array of third-party systems such as visitor management, HR and student enrolment systems, destination lift control, intercom systems and more.

A wide range of hardware options

The Challenger panel sits at the the heart of the system, and comprises a modular ‘Add as you go’ design. By adding intelligent door or lift controllers, input/output expanders, memory expanders and LAN devices, you can cost-effectively add capacity and functionality as required. Multiple panels can be linked together in one system via management software.

Complete range of software offering installation capabilities as well as comprehensive management software

A Tecom gives you the flexibility to manage your Tecom solution via a range of software solutions, designed specifically for the Australian market. Installers can programme a Challenger security system onsite or it can be used remotely via modem or IP connection. End users can control and manage every aspect of their Challenger security system including access doors, alarms, and video surveillance with ease via Security Commander. An interactive map display of your building makes operator control quick and simple. 


tecom access control


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