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ICT Protege

ICT Protege GX and WX Access Control

Traditionally, access control systems and intruder detection systems have worked independently of each other. ICT products work together to provide a single cohesive and unified solution that helps you keep unwanted visitors outside, while enabling you to monitor and control access inside.  All without having to break a sweat.

ICT Protege reporting module with WiFi and GPRS

Protege GX

Designed with the end user in mind, Protege GX offers an intuitive and user friendly interface with graphical floor plans and highly customizable status pages for controlling and monitoring the system. Customizable alarm and event filters enable you to sort and categorize the event and alarm data that is shown. Display information relevant to your site and setup - not your neighbors.

Simple to Integrate Integration with a wide range of third party systems enables you to maximize the infrastructure and IT investments you already have available on site while adding value to existing technology. ICT’s open Automation and Control protocol allows third party developers to create custom integrations that communicate directly with the ProtegeGX Controller.

Effortless to Extend - The modular design and scalable licensing model makes ProtegeGX suitable for everyone – from small single door systems right through to large multi-national corporations. Modular expansion allows the system to grow with you and proves to be very cost effective as you only add Expander modules and optional functionality as you need. 

Floor Plans


Graphical floor plans provide a visual representation of your site and are a quick and efficient way to control and monitor your Protege system. You can quickly arm and disarm areas, control doors and outputs, and view input status and live variable information.

  • Associate graphical icons with devices to control and monitor the system
  • Drag and drop buttons to allow an easy browser like feel to navigate between floor plans and live camera feeds
  • Display the real time status of devices and objects on your system
  • Using event filters and alarms, you can jump to a floor plan based on an alarm condition or trigger

Flexible System Architecture


The server based architecture makes ProtegeGX a truly global system, enabling you to securely manage, control and monitor an unlimited number of users, doors, areas, and other devices, in real time regardless of geographical location. A centralized database improves efficiency and keeps your valuable sensitive data secure - not tucked away on a laptop in the back of a company vehicle.

DIN Rail Controllers provide field intelligence ensuring that independent site operation is not reliant on connectivity with the server. With no limit on the number of Controllers that can be added to a ProtegeGX system, scalability is a key focus. Modular expansion allows each Controller to be extended up to 64 doors and 1000+ inputs and outputs. This flexibility makes both centrally located, home run control, and at the edge intelligence models to be mixed and matched to best fit the application.


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