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VOIP Intercoms for Access Control

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VOIP Intercom Systems for Building Managers and Logistics Managers

Have your VOIP Intercom System answered in our Security Operations Centre where our Virtual Guards can identify visitors and grant them access.

What is VOIP?  

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VOIP combines hardware and software that enables people to use the Internet for telephone calls by sending voice data over the internet instead using the traditional Public Switched Telephone network.

The flexibility of operating a VOIP intercom system on any internet connection has many benefits for building access control and logistics. The solution can be installed anywhere you can get an internet signal.

By using VOIP intercoms combined with managed access control, you can save money on static guard costs and call costs. 

What are the benefits of using VOIP?

  • Easily implemented: Internet connections are now everywhere and can be used to connect and operate a VOIP intercom. If your building has an existing network that is connected to the internet then a VOIP intercom can be installed. If your mobile device can get 3G / 4G signal at the location you would like the intercom to be installed then a modem can be installed with a SIM card to enable the VOIP intercom to work.
  • Save money on call costs: If the intercom is connected to your existing network then you save money on the monthly phone line costs and per call costs. Save 50% or more on a monthly subscription to a hosted service.
  • No additional Equipment: One the Intercom door station is installed, connected to the network and the phone number for the device to call is prograqmmed into the intercom then there is more equipment required for the system to work.
  • Our Virtual Guards can answer the intercom for you. Located in our Security Operations Centre, our guards can answer the intercom to identify the person who wants to gain access to the building. Identification of the person can be done verbally or through the onsite cameras to take photos of their identification. When the person has been identified the guard can open the door and let them in. This managed service saves you money from needing an onsite concierge or security guard.

Who can this service benefit?

  • Building managers: Where visitors need to get access to a secure building for an appointment, the list of visitors can be provided and our Virtual Guards can identify the visitor and grant them access.
  • Logistics managers: Where contractors need access to drop off or pick up goods and need access we can identify them, remotely open gates, roller shutters, turn off the alarm and turn on the lights all from the Security Operations Centre

You do not need to pay for onsite static guards as we can manage this process for your from our Security Operations Centre.

secVision is a managed service business focused on delivering electronic security systems in the cloud.  We currently have clients with VOIP Intercoms installed and they are set up to be answered by our Virtual Guards in the 24 hour Security Operations Centre. Our guards can manage the access control for your buildings in real time.


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About Security Vision Networks

Independent Locksmiths & Security is a true one stop security provider, not only offering clients Locksmithing Services, but also various other security services.

Security Vision Networks

In 2017 Security Vision Networks was launched as the electronic security division of Independent Locksmiths & Security. We have been at the forefront of technological changes in the security industry and now offer clients the following services:

  • secWatch Virtual Guard Service - High definition CCTV, Alarm Systems and Alarm Monitoring in our Security Operations Centre 
  • secCloud Managed Security System - Access Control, Intruder Detection and Building Automation
  • secKeyCloud - Electronic Masterkeying
  • Virtual Pulse - Remote System Monitoring

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