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Merlin+ 3 Channel Remote

Merlin Plus Remote


MERLIN+ C945 Garage and Gate remote control, 3-channel transmitter operating on a 434 MHz frequency, suitable for MERLIN+ receivers.


  • Merlin - 3 channel "bear claw" mini garage remote (AM).
  • Uses rolling code technology.
  • Controls up to three different doors or gates.
  • Suitable for pocket, or key chain.

Battery - CR2032

Receiver Compatibility:

Suits Models:

Merlin MR600, MR800, MR650, MR850, MT5580P, MT60, MT60P, MT800, MT1000, MU3800, MR1000 & MT230. MasterLift MotorLift ML700, ML750, ML850, HC100ML, HC300ML, HC500ML& HC600ML garage and gate door openers.


If you have a remote that looks like any of these shown below, it can be replaced with this Merlin remote.


This remote will require a programming procedure before it will work on your Garage Door or Electric Gates. You can easily do this programming by following the instructions on this user guide:

 Programming for C945.pdf


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