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Elsema 1 Channel Garage Remote

Elsema 1 Channel Garage Remote - Independent Locksmiths

Elsema 1 Channel Garage Door Remote

Garage Remotes With Dip Switch


Garage and gate control, 1 channel transmitter operating on a 27MHz frequency, suitable for ELSEMA receivers.

A Handy Key Ring remote that is small and convenient. With a handy 1 button KEY-301 Transmitter you can operate 1 garage or gate opener..

1 Channel Remote for various uses including; Garage Doors, Lights, Gates as a Personal Security Alarm or an Assistance Calling Device.


Operates on Transmitter Frequency: 27MHz.

1 Button.

Includes Battery and Key Ring.

Compatible with; FMR-201, FMR-212, FMR-212T, FMR-202, FMR-204/16, FMR-204-12, FMR-204-24, FMR-204-24, FMR-240 & FMR-232R 

Flashing LED indicates flat battery.


Height         Width          Depth

65mm   x     40mm    x    15mm

Weight: 40 grams

Battery - 4LR44

Programming Remote:

To program the remote, just match the 12-way DIP switch from the receiver board (garage door motor) or any existing remotes. 

KEY-301 Programming Instructions.pdf


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