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Garage Remotes

Buy a new Remote for your garage door or gate.

We supply Remotes to operate your garage door or electric gates. Our range includes B&D, FAAC, Gliderol, Herculift and Merlin. We also stock 'Aftermarket' remotes, which are cheaper than the original, but still a great quality product.

Remotes will require a programming procedure to work, and you need to program them at your home. We are pleased to provide installation advice and programming instructions for you.

Visit our Parramatta Workshop or call us on 1300 500 600 to discuss your garage remote requirements. Our friendly remote specialists can assist you.

Workshop opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm

Location: 552-560 Church Street, Parramatta (parking available at rear of building)

Buy online now to receive a 10% discount on your purchase. We post Australia-wide.

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Elsema 1 Channel Remote

* Elsema 1 Channel Remote.
* Single Press button.

Merlin - Mini Slider 4-Channel

* Merlin 4 Channel Garage Remote.
* Operating on a 434 MHz frequency.

Chamberlain Garage Remote

8 Chamberlain - 3 Channel Remote.
* Uses code hopping technology.

Ditec 4 Channel Remote

* 4 Channel Garage/Gate Remote.
* Operates on a 434 MHz Frequency.

Dominator 4 Channel Remote

* 4 Channel Garage Remote
* Replaces Yellow Button Dominator Remotes.

Merlin 4 Channel Small Green Remote

* 432MHz transmission frequency.
* Controls up to two doors or gates.
* All Merlin Remotes available here.


Merlin+ 3 Channel Remote

* Controls up to 3 different doors or gates.

Merlin 2 Channel Remote

* 432MHz transmission frequency.
* Controls up to two doors or gates.
* All Merlin Remotes available here.


Gliderol TM-305 Garage Remote

* 3 Channel Transmitter.
* Transmitter frequency 315 MHz.

ACDC 4 Channel Remote

* 4 Channel Garage Remote.
* Controls up to 4 different doors.

Boss BHT3-R Garage Remote

* Boss Garage Door Remote.
* 434 MHz Remote.

Superlift 4 Channel Garage Remote

* 4 Channel Garage Door Opener.
* Transmitter Frequency 434MHz.

FAAC 4 Button Garage Remote

* FAAC - 4 Channel Garage Remote.

AirKey 2 Channel Remote

* 2 Channel Garage Remote.
* 69 bit encrypted data transmission.
* Uses code hopping tecnology.

Elsema 1 Channel Garage Remote

* 1 Channel Garage Remote.
* Durable plastic case.
* Suitable for pocket or keychain.

ATA PTX5-V2 4 Channel Remote

* 4 Channel Transmitter.
* 434 MHz frequency.
* Grey and Pink available.


Activor RAC04B Garage Remote

Activor Garage Remote Control RAC04B.

B&D Tri Tran 4 Channel Remote Control

* Features a unique Tri-Tran multi frequency operation.
* 4-channel transmitter operating on a 434MHz frequency.

B&D Tri Tran+ 4 Channel Remote

* B&D 4 Channel Remote..
* Transmitter Frequency 434MHz.
* Available in Red or Black.


Merlin 2 Channel Remote

* Merlin 2 Channel Garage Door Remote.
* Uses high security code hopping technology.

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