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Need a new remote for your Mazda?

We supply keyless entry remotes and remote keys for all types of Mazda Cars. We also supply a range of Mazda Car Keys.

Genuine keys and remotes must be diagnostically programmed and will involve a visit to our workshop. We charge $66 for this service by our Automotive Experts. We will need your car for a minimum of two hours to program these keys.

Aftermarket remotes can be purchased online and programmed by you. Instructions can be downloaded when you click on the product details below. Alternately, come in to our Workshop and we can program the aftermarket remote for you, for a cost of $33.

Parramatta workshop open: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm 

Location: 552-560 Church Street, Parramatta (parking available at rear of building) 

Call 1300 500 600 to book an appointment with our workshop.

Mazda 2 DY Series, BT50 UN/UP, 626 GF Series, CX-5

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Mazda Remote 6 GG Series 1

* Mazda Remote for 6 GG Series 1, 03/2002-06/2005; and Mazda 2 DY Series 1, 10/2002-02/2005

Mazda 3 BK series 1

* Remote for Mazda 3 BK Series 1 & 2; BL 09/2003-2014.

Mazda MPV Remote 1999-2015

Mazda MPV Remote, 08/2001 and earlier

Mazda RX8 Remote - 2003-2008

* Mazda Remote for RX8 2003 - 2008

Mazda MX5 Remote 2000-2005

Mazda MX5 Remote, 10/2000 - 08/2005


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