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New Generation BiLock!

The Australian Lock Company has manufactured the BiLock Maximum Security Locking System for almost two decades! It is an Australian owned, designed and manufactured key and keying system. Positioned at the cutting edge of high security, keyed locking system design. As an authorised BiLock agent, we have permission to design, manufacture, install & maintain BiLock high security master key systems for our clients.

Superior design

New Generation BiLock offers an innovative new look, twin bladed key which operates a 12-pin program of tumbler pins, six on either side. These pins, in turn, activate two side-bars to provide the end user with up to 16.7 million possible lock combinations.

A moving element within the key, a horizontally positioned security rod has been built into the cylinder core to activate the 13th locking dimension. Without the moving element, this 13th dimension cannot be activated, adding yet another feature to BiLock’s level of security.


Can be modified simply to blend with a First Generation BiLock system. Existing users do not have to invest in a complete new locking system. Designed  to have the least impact, New Generation offers the capacity to upgrade First Generation QCC BiLock by simply adding or subtracting components. The cylinder body remains unchanged initially for QCC applications.

New Generation BiLock keyhead

A combination of pure function and form, the key head has evolved to offer -

  • a new, fresh, space age look
  • quickly and easily identifiable
  • extensive colour coded master keying capabilities to ensure optimal security. This is achieved by the use of up to three different colours to be mixed and matched from the 19 available in any keyhead, enabling instant identification of keys within a master key system
  • features braille differentiation - braille number options on one of the key inserts for use by the visually impaired
  • allows a company logo to be embossed into the key head. Even better identification for a system manager!
  • it’s still virtually impossible to duplicate! The dual BiLock keyway and strict key control by Independent Locksmiths & Security only remain with New Generation BiLock.

New age design sets BiLock apart

Australian Lock Company is an innovator in the field of high security locks. It achieved patent protection over the inventive advances that it made in the development of its original BiLock cylinder designs. The Company went on to obtain further patent protection over its Quick Change Core feature, now one of the most popular features of the BiLock range.

The New Generation BiLock is patented with a standard patent granted covering the New Generation BiLock moveable element key through until 2019.

Invented by Master Locksmith Brian Preddey in the early 1980’s. The system has been installed globally, securing facilities from the Stock Exchange in Kuwait City to the Sahara Casino in Las Vegas to the Federal Treasury in Canberra.

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