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Kaba experT

Kaba experT master key systemKaba experT

experT Keys

The Kaba experT system is custom designed to suit situations where access to authorised areas must be restricted or controlled. The diversity of the Kaba key system gives customers the ability to have simple Keyed Alike systems operated by one key, through to a specific grand master key system.

The system has vastly improved resistance to methods of gaining entry via the cylinder.

The 22 possible pin positions arranged in 4 rows, together with the unique pinning methods, permit Master Keying without using master pins or wafers and their inherent lowering of security. Combined with uniform length of top and bottom pins and springs, these features provide the best possible situation to guard against picking, raking, impressioning or manipulation with a key.

A minimum of two hardened steel pins are used in each cylinder to resist drilling.

Indiscriminate key duplication is safe guarded by patent protection, by the unique depressions and grooves in the key and by the very close tolerances used during the manufacturing process.

Every key permutation used by us is unique and unlike other pin tumbler systems, which must repeat the same pin combination, the Kaba system permutations are never repeated.

Key Registration

We register every key issued and a registration certificate is issued to the owner. The owner must complete the details on the certificate which includes the signatures of the person/s authorised to obtain additional keys and return the certificate to Independent Locksmiths & Security.

Key Identification

All keys are supplied stamped with a dealer code, a system identification number, a key number and an issue number so that all keys can be accounted for and recorded electronically.

Reversible Keys

The unique design means the key can be inserted into the cylinder either way up, for the convenience of the user.

Colour Range

Practical and exchangeable key bows in 12 different colours making it easy to identify your keys.

At Independent Locksmiths & Security we have designed and installed the experT system for many clients including:

    • Big W Stores (Australia Wide)
    • CBA Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Australia Wide)
    • Kinghorn Cancer Centre
    • NSW Police Stations
    • Pfizer
    • Westfield Administration Offices
    • Westmead Millennium Institute
    • Wetherill Park TAFE


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