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EKA CyberLock

EKA Cyberlock

An electro-mechanical masterkey system that secures, controls and audits all assets from the front door to remote locations. This innovative lock system easily converts existing mechanical locks into an access control system. Incorporating electronic lock cylinders, programmable keys and software, you can create a powerful system to track and control access to every lock within your organisation.

Previously, if you were looking for a locking system to provide security for your facility you had two choices:

1. Traditional, mechanical keying systems OR

2. Hardwired access control systems.

However, both systems are limited. EKA CyberLock eliminates the issues of both mechanical and hardwired systems as there is no wiring needed. It is easily installed with minimal ongoing maintenance required.

Electronic cylinders are retrofitted into existing doors, cabinets, drawers, padlocks, safes and more.

Keys are programmed with access permissions customised to individuals and schedules using proprietary software, which also allows administrators access to audit or customised reporting. This allows full control over access times and locations, recording a detailed history of who, what, when and where for every entry and attempted entry. If a key is lost it can simply be blocked by logging into the system and deactivating the key. The system will secure and control access to every entry point across your organisation immediately.  

The EKA CyberLock electro-mechanical master key system is revolutionary in the access control market and has been proven in many applications around Australia. 

At Independent Locksmiths & Security we have designed secKeyCloud to offer a web based platform to manage this masterkey system. Talk to our Electronics Division for more information on this platform which we now have operating for many commercial clients.


EKA CyberLock


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