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Series Six


Australian Lock Company's alternative six pin in-line series - Series SixSeries Six master key system

A quality six pin lock barrel, which is easily fitted into existing key systems. This product range covers the most common cylinder barrels. There are over 30 different Series Six plug types, and multi level master keying capabilities. The extensive plug range is available to retrofit most common locksets.

Australian Lock Company uses the latest in key milling technology, designed and purpose built to ensure the customer can be guaranteed the high quality expected from Australia's Award winning manufacturer of BiLock high security locking systems.

Series Six’s Mark 1 range of plugs has now been expanded to include a new range of economical cylinders and ergonomically designed coloured key heads. The coloured key heads lets us supply a master key systems that can be differentiated either door to door, or at each level within the master key system.

The New Mark 2 Series Six is supercharged with a wide range of new features to elevate the product’s design status one-step closer to the superior, BiLock! 

Features of the Series Six - Mark 2

  • Australian Lock Company has been supplying to us for over 25 years!
  • manufactured with the same precision which has made BiLock an iconic high security lock brand in Australia.
  • designer-element, with 343 different combinations for the new, colour coded key heads.
  • ergonomically shaped head strategically designed to bolster the status for Series Six, looking more like its superior master keying option, BiLock.
  • indisputably strong, 3mm thick nickel silver key blank.
  • space to identify coded keys & contact details.
  • offers additional profiles for us so we can ensure restricted systems for selected, sizeable clients.
  • provides lengthy legal coverage.
  • offers 30 plus cylinders & plug types to retrofit most applications.
  • expected to become the “economical” master keying alternative to BiLock and other high security master keying systems.
  • gives us genuine control of in-line master key system.
  • 3 panel keyheads that can be mixed and matched - 7 colours to choose from (Black, Red, Green, Royal Blue, Orange, White & Silver)


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