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nbn network alarm systems

The NBN rollout may affect the compatibility of your Alarm. Do you need advise on whether your alarm will work when connected to the  nbn™ network and, if necessary, what alternative solutions are available?  

We are here to help!

The nbn network is Australia's new landline phone and internet network. It's designed to provide you with access to all the benefits of fast internet services, wherever you live. The rollout will involve new technologies and some existing devices may not be compatible with these at all times. As we are security experts, we can advise whether your alarm will work when connected to the nbn network and, if necessary, what alternative solutions are available.

You can check the roll-out map to see if nbn is available in your area yet. If not, register your details so you will be notified. CLICK HERE. 

Why have an intruder alarm?

Alarm systems monitor and detect unauthorised entry to properties and alerts a 'back to base' control room. The control room then calls the property owner / manager to tell them of the alarm. 

An alarm monitoring service gives business owners peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye on their assets. The components that make up an alarm system include detectors for movement, magnetic switches for doors and windows, glass break sensors and smoke sensors. When one of these detectors 'goes off' it sends a signal to the alarm panel. That makes sirens ring and strobe lights flash to deter the intruder and calls the back to base control room to alert them of the alarm.

pocket secure app for alarm monitoring

Get high security for your premises and make sure you are nbn ready.

About Permaconn Communicator

The Permaconn Communicator PM45 works on the 3G network, is nbn compliant and with no phone lines needed, it's easily installed. It is also cost effective as you will save on the cost of phone line rental and phone calls generated by the monitoring station. 

Permaconn also features a Smartphone app called "Pocket Secure", which gives customers the freedom to manage their alarm on their mobile device.  Pocket Secure enables you to remotely arm and disarm your Permaconn enabled alarm system - open the garage, turn off the alarm for cleaners, open gates, etc all while on the go.

This is ideal for small businesses - retail stores, warehouse security, and commercial business operations.  Our installation and maintenance service is available to all our Sydney customers.

Alarm Monitoring - it is a condition of sale for our alarm systems to be monitored and we offer Grade1 Monitoring.


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PM45-3G Wireless Alarm Communicator

* A versatile alarm communicator that reports on 3G, GPRS and IP to the Central Station.
* Primary alarm path is IP, followed by 3G/GPRS in the event of a wired ethernet failure.


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