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SALTO Sallis

SALLIS Technology

SALLIS is a new technology that enables users to expand their existing access control system to become a much more powerful solution. With SALLIS, you can enjoy the benefits of having stand alone locks on virtually any kind of door by using SALTO SALLIS electronic locks, panic bars, glass door locks, electronic cylinders and more.

With SALLIS technology, SALTO devices communicate wirelessly with your access control system in real time, in a cost effective solution.


  • Unique carrier for the on-line devices and the standalone on-line devices.
  • Cost effective because of the one to several relationship between locks and nodes.
  • Powerful diagnosis tool thanks to over 25 different event codes within the audit trail.
  • Customiseable behaviour in the event of a network failure (based on audit trail or white list system).
  • Based on audit trail: when lock is offline lock will grant access to the user according to their last user event within the lock. For high transit doors.
  • Based on a white list system up to 20 master keys subject to time zones can be stored in one lock memory.
  • With proper set up, no door will be left without control, 600 audit trail events stored on the lock, regardless of the state of the communication with the host.




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