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Abloy Protec

Abloy Protec master key

ABLOY PROTEC master key system

When choosing a sophisticated locking system where security is an issue, compromise is simply not an option!

Abloy Protec features long lasting legal and physical protection against unauthorised key duplication, a full metal, colour coded key with lifetime warranty against breakage in normal use, and the recognised Abloy attributes of physical security and durability. This is a premium high security mechanical lock system used extensively by private, commercial and government end users who demand the ultimate in high security master key systems.

SCEC Endorsed for Secure Area Applications. The strong, one-piece metal key ensures against expensive on-going key replacement, and the absence of pins and springs provides unmatched resistance to wear and corrosion of internal parts. The cylinder exceeds international standards for high security, including an unconditional SCEC endorsement for secure area government applications.


Abloy Protec restricted key system