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secWatch High Definition CCTV

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secWatch High Definition CCTVsecWatch
 is our new product, offering high definition CCTV footage that you can stream live to your mobile phone.

Our technician took this photo on his phone, when he was checking the footage being recorded on our CCTV camera at Parramatta Town Square.

Upgrade your existing standard definition CCTV system to secWatch high definition cameras and you will have access to crisp, sharp images like this.

We can manage this upgrade using your existing coaxial cables, saving money on running new cables. This also means its a quick upgrade, so your images will be available to you in no time.

Our team offers a location risk assessment, camera selection, professional cabling and installation of equipment, IT services to get the images to appear on your desktop and mobile devices, training and maintenance. 

If you are intersted please get in touch with us. Call 1300 500 600 and ask to speak to Ray Murphy.


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