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School ES Padlocks for Perimeter Gates. Education Department Padlocks.

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Independent Locksmiths & Security are the contracted suppliers of all Education Department ( ES ) school padlocks, required for perimetre security on school gates.

We can process online orders of padlocks with keys for your school @ $58+gst per padlock (comes with 1 key)

For more information and to complete an online order form, please visit the following page on our website


Orders will need to contain the following information:

1.The school's unique ES number. (Example ; ES29)

2.Quantity of padlocks.

3.Type of padlocks needed.

  • EDU245SPECIAL. Brass padlock with no shackle for a custom gate fitting.
  • EDU245. Brass padlock with a short shackle.
  • EDU245A. Brass padlock with a long shackle.


                   EDU245SPECIAL                        EDU245                               EDU245A

4.Toll Priority delivery or shop pick up from Independent Locksmiths & Security retail shop located at 552-560 Church st North Parramatta.


Please note all padlocks are keyed alike with a unique ES code per school. One key is supplied with each padlock ordered and additional keys can also be supplied if needed for an additional $12+gst, per key.  EDU4MLAKEY (Product code for additional keys)

For further information, please call our Service Department on 1300 500 600.

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