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One Database – One Interface with secCloud

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secCloud Managed Security System

One of the biggest issues that Facility Managers have, and companies needing to manage access or security to their portfolio of sites, is remote access to their sites. I had a meeting with a Facility Manager last week and the problem they had was that an Electrical Contractor had to call to their office to pick up a master key so that he could go and do works at a site 30 mins drive away.  They had the same issue when adding or deleting cards. They physically had to drive to site to do this simple task and we all know what Sydney traffic is like!

But if they has secCloud they could simply issue the contractor with a code and give them access without having to worry about picking up keys.

We have recently completed a National roll out for a client who wanted one swipe card to work on all their sites instead of them carrying multiple cards. Access and security is now managed from the Sydney office where they log in to the secCloud system to manage the access for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

secCloud is now making the management of multiple sites a simple task and you can log on from anywhere. We have now built some exciting integrations with online booking systems which are proving really popular with Local Councils and sports facilities. We have also built integrations with visitor management systems which means employers can:

  • manage who has access to their site
  • run detailed reports showing who is onsite and when
  • give contractors access temporarily
  • log visitors – an essential element for fire safety.

Watch our video below, which simply explains the benefits of the system.     


Feel free to contact me for a Product Demonstration.

Ray Murphy

Business Development Manager

Security Vision Networks

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