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Keywatcher used for Key Security in Shopping Centre

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Keywatcher for key security

Managing a shopping centre is busy work that runs around the clock, 24 hours a day. Keeping track of who has the security keys for various parts of the centre is normally the responsibility of a security team who sign out keys to contractors and trades people. It is important to keep track of who is responsible for the keys because if a significant key in the masterkeyed system is misplaced then the centre is at risk from illegal entry.

It is an expensive exercise to re-key a shopping centre that takes up the time of operations staff within the centre to get the system re-keyed and redistribute keys. In an effort to reduce the risk of keys being lost the Castle Towers shopping centre in Sydney, Australia has implemented a Keywatcher in conjunction with the installation of the high security keying system known as Galaxy and a wireless Access Control system by Salto Systems. The Keywatcher is a 6 module cabinet that holds 96 assets, from the image below you can see these assets can include keys and access control cards.


The keywatcher is an electronic key management cabinet that is connected to a database on the local area network (LAN). Users are given a 4 digit user number and a 4 digit PIN number to use on the keypad on the front of the cabinet. Keys can be retrieved individually or as part of a group. Grouping keys is useful where you have many identical key bunches in the cabinet such as operations, security or cleaners bunches for example. When keys are retrieved from the cabinet a transaction is recorded in the database recording the user ID, the key number and the time it was taken. Reports can be generated that show an audit trail of the transactions.

Security guards can easily release keys from the cabinet for a contractor without leaving the security office. When a contractor arrives at security to sign in and they require keys then the guard can release a key by entering the name and phone number of the contractor in the key record in the database and clicking a button in the software to open the cabinet and release the key.

Independent Locksmiths & Security specialise in security key management and can assist you with the implementation of a Keywatcher cabinet in your business. Feel free to call us on 1300 500 600 to discuss your requirements.

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