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Keywatcher Touch integrates with ICT Protege GX

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KeyWatcher Touch is an electronic key management system manufactured and distributed my Morse Watchmans Incorporated USA.

KeyWatcher Touch cabinets are modular in design, allowing the system to be customized to suit the needs of each site. The user interface comprises of a 7", color touchscreen which can be utilized with the extensive programming and reporting functionality available in Protege GX.

Keys available for use within the system are attached to a SmartKey, where each SmartKey contains an identification chip. This allows a user to log on to the KeyWatcher Touch cabinet and have SmartKeys electronically released or returned to key slots within the cabinet, or any other cabinet on site.

This Integration allows KeyWatcher Touch system operation to be synchronized with new or existing Users, Access Levels and Schedules within Protege GX. Integration between systems also allows the extensive reporting functionality available within Protege GX to be used with the events and alarms available with KeyWatcher Touch.

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