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Arthur Phillip High School use Apple iPad & iPod for CCTV surveillance

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Arthur Phillip High School is a comprehensive Government high school that is located in the CBD of Parramatta, a city in the greater Sydney metropolitan area in Australia.  The school staffs around 150 teachers and administrators and supports 1600 students.  They also support two school sites which are intersected by a reasonably busy road and are close to a major transport interchange.

The school is proud to be an Apple Distinguished School and strive to constantly use technology to improve student engagement, which is one of the reasons that C3 was a logical addition for their security solution. They currently have approximately 400 MacBooks that the students can borrow for a lesson (much like textbooks) and 200 iMacs in labs or teacher staffrooms. The school has an extensive computer network and wireless network, including a laser link to connect each campus. They also boast a second wireless network across both campuses, linked by fibre bored under the road and 850 Lenovo laptops. The school and its staff are clearly pioneers in using technology in education.



The school believed it was time to apply that technology to their security infrastructure.  About three and a half years ago, Arthur Phillip High School was invited to apply for some Government funding specifically for improving our security. This was in the wake of concern over security threats to infrastructure and other community facilities, racial tensions in the community and a gang invasion of another nearby metropolitan school.  The school was awarded the funds an they did improve their perimeter security (7ft fencing, upgraded door and entry point, and access control gates), internal site security (access control system for internal and external building entries).  The previous CCTV installation was antiquated and unreliable, therefore the school also used the funds to upgrade their system.


Through the assistance of their integrator, Independent Locksmiths & Security, the school was able to integrate the existing analog (which gives better pictures than ever before), utilizing the schools existing network with IP cameras (as a new network was being installed to support the BER which ultimately will serve 1000 students and teaching staff), install a large server with Milestone as the VMS and plan for expansion in phases 2 and 3 (which have since been implemented) for more cameras and monitoring screens.

From a security viewpoint, the school staff felt confident that they we were getting a robust and comprehensive solution. The worst security incidents reported thus far have been “visits” by students from other schools, ranging from visiting friends to intimidating students. Some staff remain concerned about potential invasions but the system has made them more at ease.

The deputy principal, Brad Main, deals with some of the more major issues in the school, particularly student misbehavior. The new camera system with C3  has assisted in the investigation of stolen property, and has resolved some fights.  And C3 even assisted remotely when adult education supervisor was having trouble closing the gates, by viewing him with C3 on the iPad, the deputy principal was able to solve the problem.

The school is currently using four installs of C3. It is installed on iPhone and iPad allowing access to video of school entry points, administration, corridors, play areas and gymnasium from about 60 cameras.


The overall cost for C3 was less than 2% of Arthur Phillip High School’s overall security infrastructure budget.  And deputy principal, Brad Main, said, “it took less than 10 minutes to install C3.”  The use of mobile video surveillance allows administrators to have a 24/7 view of the school and the students to keep them safe.  “Our budget would not allow this type of live security, but with C3 we are able to provide the right level of security for our students and staff,” said Main.


Article written by Shannon Bradley - Lextech Labs

Integrator:  Indepedent Locksmiths and Security,

Video Management System:  Milestone, 

iPhone & iPad application: iRaC3 by Lextech Labs

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