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Manufacturing plants and factories, large and small, have unique security challenges, such as theft and tampering of equipment, machinery and products. 

For over 40 years we have been installing and maintaining Master Key Systems for our clients. Over the past 10 years we have broadened our approach to security and now install and maintain access control, alarmsalarm monitoring and CCTV. By integrating these products we can help you establish and maintain cohesive control over who has access to your facility. 

Our clients have used our security products and services to ensure their businesses are secure and they can monitor what is going on. Our systems are designed to combat these threats, while also serving as an effective operations monitoring tool of assembly line production and worker safety.

Our Locksmith and Security team provide new clients with initial Risk Assessment of their site, Custom Design of a security system, Professional Installation, and then establish an ongoing Maintenance Program.

Our manufacturing clients enjoy the benefits of a full security system, including:

  • Prevention of theft
  • The ability to monitor employees and operations with CCTV footage and audit trail reports from Access Control systems
  • Reduce false liability claims
  • Protection of building and assets, from perimeter security gates and fencing, to restricted keying systems across the site
  • Secure cash with the professional installation of a Safe, bolted to the floor or wall of the administration office
  • The ability to save time with remote site management using systems such as secCloud Access Control.

Clients include:-

Rondo   Visy Board   Boral