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ILSS Provides a Textbook Security Solution

If there’s a classic application in which networked electronic security solutions leverage existing infrastructure it’s educational facilities including schools and universities. The key element is the significant investment schools make in their educational computer networks and Arthur Phillip High School in Parramatta is no exception to this rule.Arthur Phillip High School security

With more than 1500 students, many with laptops, Arthur Phillip High School (APHS) has:

- its own wireless network

- 1GB fibre LAN supplemented by a laser link connecting its central server room to remote buildings across split campuses on either side of Macquarie Street

APHS’ decision to go with an IP security solution coincided neatly with the NSW Department of Education and Training’s investment of nearly $A1 billion in the Computers in Schools Program. This investment saw powerful new IT infrastructure installed at APHS. Important too, it meant that as the new network was installed, the legacy network could be populated by IP surveillance and access control devices.

We designed an integrated Access Control and CCTV security system, using Milestone, which incorporated Axis and Mobotix cameras.

Security Electronics & Networks magazine did a case study on Arthur Phillip High School.  You can download the article "Textbook solution" here, reviewing the project in great detail.

APHS - IP CCTV and Access Control Case Study.pdf